Causes of Divorce

06/11/2015 09:32

Astute psychologists have made sophisticated studies of the causes of divorce. They classify these causes into: 1.) finance; 2.) obnoxious behavior; 3.) extramarital affairs; 4.) in-laws; and 5.) religious differences. In our consideration of the next few guides, we will look at each of these areas to see what God’s Word has to say.

The first of the cause for divorce is said to be finances. Prosperity brings problems to marriages that are known in poverty. The economically deprived need all their financial resources merely pay for food, shelter, and clothing. However, as prosperity comes, couples find themselves with more than enough for survival. Tension then develops because they disagree on how to use the money. Good questions to ask are “What does the money mean to me?” and “What dose money mean to my mate?” To many, money status. The “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome becomes a compulsion. Those Locked into such a view will over borrow and ultimately keep their financial needs so critical they have a little time to enjoy and love one another,  Even if money is a security and seen to be   hoarding up treasures but still frustrated. Luke 12:15-21 In Jesus’ eyes, this man was a fool. If we have no proper concept of resources then we, too, are fools.