I woke up this morning...

02/28/2015 12:36

I woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Jesus

The second verse most people end up giving the devil so much power, because they refuse to acknowledge that he does come to rob, steel, and kill. 
Rob you of your health, wealth, strength, and identity.
Steal your joy, happiness, your security, your hope, and your mind.
Kill you and the things connected to you. This is the way the devil destroys our lives. And yet we allow him to do it. He will put thoughts in your mind and sit back and wait to see if you'll do it. And he even wants to see if you'll entertain those thoughts. 
To Entertain those thoughts only gives it more power to act upon. So what is your plan of action? Well I am here to inform you that we all need to pray, fast, and stay in the word of God, spend time with God, we need to diligently seek God's face our very lives depend on it. Like we depend on food to fill us, credit/debit cards to do pay for the things we want or need and list go on and on.