Venting about Unstable People

08/26/2014 08:55
Venting about Unstable People

I have often wondered how someone can be content being unstable. 
I struggle with the thought of a man not wanting a job but lives off of SSI, but his household struggles with him providing the very things his family needs. 
He is quick to judge the a man for doing what he is doing to his own family. Unstable in this aspect means you are selfish.
I do have a friend that does work but has a problem keeping it, and finds self looking for a place to stay as well as a new job with an old attitude. Grown children should not have to carry their parent/s as their burdens. When the only thought is on the mind job and a companion and then maybe a place of their own. Jump at the chance to stay with family or friends. What tbe heck, why does selfishness compel these people. (I am not talking about taking care of an elderly or sick parent, but an able body). 
I am a wife and a mother but I know selfishness to be a one side dish to lonely street. Selfish people are lazy and lackadaisical and are a willing aide in tearing down their own home with their own hands. 
These are only two aspects of selfish unstable minded people I have put up with and allowed to abuse me and take advantage of me. 
Tuesday vent day you know unstable people I am speaking up, and add if you would like. 

Michele Richardson