Handmade items by Michele Richardson

Crocheted and Knitted items by hand from purces, bags, Prayer Shawls, blankets, and more  Use the contact me to order one of these items for prices vary from $35 to $110 + S&H and taxes

Jewelry by M2D's all done by hand

Jewelry by M2D's all done by hand rings, bracelets, chocker necklaces, tie style necklaces and more. Due to prices varying in price pleace use the contact to for a full detail. Yes there is S&H and taxes must be included

Stop You Are Hurting Me! by Michele Richardson

The who hurt you is not important; but what is important is your healing.  This books and others are catergorized as self-help and Christian Romance. $10.99 @

False Teachers and Prophets by Michele Richardson

An insight on how easy it is to fall for false teaching and even false prophets. So many are flocking to these types of churches and people. The price of this book is $15.90 @

Stop Who Are You Really by Michele Richardson

Know who you are and why you attract the people you do. This book is only $10.90 @

Muti Strand Necklace

This necklace comes in many colors and pleace when placing your order note that it is all done by hand this is 48 strands of glass beeds with a matnetic claps. $55.79 + S&H and taxes pleace use the contact me for ordering all of the items done by hand.

Donations are welcome

You may donate by contacting me for the paypal account, you receive a newsletter and it helps me to keep this website up to reach out to you my audiance. I want to express my thankfulness to you by sending you our website newsletter which gives out more details.   Thank you in advance.

Skin Care Catalog

Skin Care Catalog only $5.00 + tax please use the button below