About Michele

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, my mother went in to the U.S Army so that means I was raised by my grandmother. My grandmother Mrs. Josephine Holder was a Home Ecconomics Department Head at Arlington High School from ???? to 1986. My mother Miss JoAnn Holder U.S Army 1976 to 2008 (I may be incorrect) she traveled a lot in the Army and it was her mother that raised me. I grew up on the northwest side of town; inwhich my grandmother had our house built. I grew up ackward wanting to appear to be more important then the next guy/gal. Just simply wanting to fit in so I played violin in orchestra at Grandview Elementary. I am an only child whom felt it was wrong to be an only child so I made up siblings who doesn't? In many cases I was seen as a liar, not looked at as a person of intrest and yes it was a lonely road. Moved from Indiana to Tacoma Washington in 1982 to 1984 it was like I walked into North Central on a waiting list to Tacoma to live with my mother. While there I found drugs, sex, and Raymond Hall (Juvenile Center). My friends stole some make up I came in when they were ready to leave, we were caught and because my mother was on CQ I went to Raymond Hall in 1984. Went back home to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1984 and graduated from the best school in the U.S North Central High School who in 1982 opened it doors to my freshmon class, class of 1986. Yes I was a teen mom who graduated and went on to college George Rogers Clark College (trade college). I made it to the bottom of the class because I did not apply myself well enough. 

NOTICE: I did not mention a father because I grew up without one, didn't even know his name nor did he ever make himself known to be my father. All is well with in me. God had already established a relationship with my crazy behind anyway. ***LOL***

Married twice and still married to my 2nd husband who was also married beforeme; he and I attended Aeonon Bible College "Ministers Class" in 2000 after our son was born. My first real accomplishment although I learned a lot about who I was and what it takes to be me. I started preaching really when I was like 7 or so ito my toys after church on sunday. I attended "First Baptist Church" North Indianapolis from 1967 to 1990. I preached my first sermon at "Jerusalem Temple Apostolic Faith Church" 1998. In 2006 my husband and I were both ordained not in the P.A.W, but a Nondenomenation Church "Now Faith" Bishop Chris Walker is the pastor. My husband and I moved from Indianapolis, Indiana to Sherman Texas in 2010 with a lot of hicups. We carried bagges of church/individual hurt, not being able to trust due to some peoples rough open book judgement I know your name so I know you kind of talk. So NO I AM NOT PERFECT! My gramer of run ons and offs should give you hint.  ***smile*** I am an published Author of three written books: "Stop You Are Hurting Me", Stop Who Are You Really" and False Teachers And Prophets". The title of my next series of books are:"The Household of Faith, Prayer and Worship", "SEX" and "Random Venting of Michele". 



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History of project

I am in the process of making Prayer Shawls to be sold and other items from purses, bags, blankets, throws, bed comforters, and more. I crochet and knitt mostly. I can sew and do some tailoring still at a nonperfessional level, but awesome in sewing garments and making things for your house. Just a little tid bit there.

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Verses of the Day

Proverbs 21:3

3 To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. 

James 5:6

Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.