An Assigned Move

10/20/2013 12:29

2010 August - Just one week from the first day of school, we moved from Indianapolis to Sherman, Texas met some friends along the way and a limited amount of money. Due to the constant fixing of the van. Stayed in 2 hotels and a Pastor's wife invited us to their home for supper where when we left he bought gas for us. As we continued toward Sherman we had to make several stops due to the overheating of the engine. Long rest time in Oklahoma near Choctaw Casino. We broke down and stayed overnight in front of O'reily's Auto Parts store. I just want to add here God had us covered, every time we stopped there was someone to help us. I thank God for his divine favor over our lives and throughout our trip. Once in Sherman the help didn't stop but increased once the van was fixed enough we made it in time for church. After church the pastor had us all to meet him at Cici's Pizza. The church paid for 2 weeks of out motel stay, and from there we struggled until we were told about the Sherman Youth Connections and they help us while we were struggling living on no income but SSI. All the children were enrolled in school successfully and yes on time Googled all the schools that our children would be attending; only to find out they were all close by the motel. In October we could no longer afford our motel rooms. So we went to the Grayson County Shelter where we stayed until 2011 January 11th. A man blessed us with a new van that later became totaled in February 2011.

2011 January 11 - We moved into the house located in Perrin Fields in Denison, Texas and we do all of our commuting in Sherman and the children go to Sherman schools. By the grace of God we have never had any problems paying bills thankful to the "Front Door" program that paid all of our bills for the first 6 months. My husband told me that God said that we are not to pray in the house so that when we move the owner can continue to rent it out, and that we aren't supposed to attend church, but we can attend the church we attended first. I am not going to tell you that that has not been a struggle for me at least. With my husband and I not working it has really put me in a downward spiral because it is important for me to get to know my surroundings and the people in it. I feel restricted to the house; only able to leave to go to the store or to the children s school. Due to our fixed income we don't get a chance to do much. I love the house that we are living in but I find in my writing time that really I only have time limited time for chatting and visiting with my only friends Paula and Terrie (I chat with Terrie on Facebook or texting only). I call back home during my spare time my mother and grandmother are the only two I talk to. So far my grandmother has been in the hospital twice and her sister once and there has been three deaths. Holidays are real hard for me for there is no one else to celebrate with but us, I really want this year to be different going into the year 2014. I have to admit I do pray so that I can stay connected to God. From 2011 to presently my oldest daughter has a problem communicating well with others at times, some females she calls friend have turned out to be disturbingly mean and she evens argues and fusses with her sister a lot. This year has been a a real test for me in not coming unglued when talking to them about the way they conduct themselves in school and around other people differently than they do at home. They really do not know how much it really hurts me to know they are acting like worldly like they do not have any home training. It hurts only because they are saved and they know how they should conduct themselves in our absence. Like in my beginning statement I am not perfect, but I do learn from my mistakes and believe me there is plenty to learn. with this set up I have learned that without praying and attending church somewhere you cannot grow nor can you be in the will of God. So my message is this God will not tell you to do anything against his will the bible says try the spirit by the spirit; so stay in your word and remain prayerful.

I have been struggling with my business since 2011 because I have no real support and feel that once it gets going well someone will want to take over. Kind of like the story about the hen needing to bake a cake and asking for help but no one wanted to help but they all sure wanted to eat once it was finished. Besides that the takeover of my supplier without knowing how that company information and what is required. All I really want to do is succeed in my business so that I can bring God his tithes. I realize I need help and a prayer partner and yes I am still praying and from time to time ordering personal items for friends and self.

God bless you beautiful people!!!