Day by Day

10/14/2013 00:18

What does SALVATION mean to you, while others judge you?

People can make you feel as though you are the biggest worst sinner there is. Not realizing they are sinners just like you saved by Grace. They want to be seen/thought of as having it all together. As long as you are breathing and and are alive you will never have it all together. Our flesh ain't nor will it ever be saved but as long as we keep it, under subjection; to holiness life style. Although they never stop and think about how they come off to others and they do not think about anyones feelings. Most people will tell you I am blunt and voicetress; means to say I care more about the words I can say to lift myself higher than you. they will quote more scriptures then you ever thought you would hear all of inside a five minute telling you off (or showing you some love).

How does one stand while in judgement of others

1.) Ask them to tell you what they did before they got saved. Now don't take the time to judge their past but learn from there testimonie.

2.) Ask them how long did it take them to get to where they are? Again take notes and yes learn.

3.) Do not compare yourself to anyone, for you are the only you there is.

4.) Love who you are and never doubt who you are.

5.) Pray and ask God to show you what he wants to do to bring in more souls into the Kingdom of God. Learn what HE has called you to do to do your part build your Father's Kingdom. Build in love so you may reap in love.