Feeling Betraded

11/08/2013 12:25

You know how you talk to someone you love, and it seems like your words have no merit; for they want to continue doing what they want to do anyway. Regaurdles if you approve of what they are doing or not. Let's just say I told my husband and his friend the person they are both trying to beat knowledge into isn't able to obtain it. These two men being older I feel should instruct more with love rather then the debate thing they got going on. It hurts me to see them pound on this young man about his passion for drawing and cars. One of them don't even know what the heck he is talking about so he twist the story to driving a semi truck. Wait he don't even know how to change the brakes, oil, or brake fluid. Okay all he knows how to do is change the tire and he feels that is all he needs to know. Now this 19 year old junior in high school in my opinion is seeing them as men in attack mode.

This poor child dislikes living in America and wants to go to Japan to live and go to an Automotive College there. He has a lot of Asian friends and he is learning their langue as well as writing the characters. I asked him why he wants to move to Japan and he said that he only wants to have 2 children. He and friends are going to work on and with a race car team, he also wants to design cars. He draws real well and he is working on 2 different types of comic books both having to do with racing and you can see his progress in drawing. Well talented young man full of life and vibrant he is beyound blessed he can also play the saxophone tenor and alto by ear. He played while in school and he was doing real well according to me being his mother. This child like my others are going to do well in life.


Evangelist M. Richardson