Test Turned into a Trial

10/11/2013 08:16

2006-2009 I went through a serious time of depression of crying and praying alot. Needing to make sense of the awkard feeling I was having. Everyone around me focused on my husband telling me to leave him. Only to find myself deeper depressed and about to give birth to number 7. Husband and I having our own problems and then we deciede for him to go to school and drive a truck. Well we decieded for him to drive over the road, and then the floor falls from under me while he was driving. A major set back hit to CPS one of my kids did something that had me spinning out of control and no one knew how bad off I really was. I hid behind smiles and pretended like everything was alright. I was on the battle field of judgement about my mothering skills to me being a wife. Now here is the tripped out thing NOT ONE OF THESE WOMEN WERE MARRIED! What I walked away with these nay sayers were not my problem I was. Married with a problem into a problem and quickly adding to it. At 18 years we started opening up and talking about us and starting over. Now we have become closer and talk about everything no regrets but thankful for the every lesson learned. No one can push you except you allow them and you determine how far they can push you. Some would quickly say this was a Job experience that I went through, but honestly God had to put me in my place so that I would take my place. Eliminate all the unneccessary people in your life who are not appart of your daily life. 

Since then my only answer to single women is this: Until young woman you have been in a relationship with one man and are still married to him longer; you still can not tell me how to be married to my husband. I have peace, love, and happiness! God is good. 

9/04/2013  10:19pm (revised below)

2012- 2013 My daughter was texting and communicating on facebook, with who she thought was a friend. The friend played a prank on her and I interveined by stopping all texts that turned into a big hot mess. Little girl's mother passed sometime that year and and she was telling me my daughter was a good friend who listened to her. Somewhere this girls acting Ainnie got on the phone and flat out accused me of saying this girl's mother faked her death and other very distrubing things. Well needless to say this got out of hand real quick. My daughter reported this insident to her principal and school counselor. Due to the number of people added to this hot mess.

Being down here in Texas I have found that it is easy to judge that they do not like new commers at all. As with anywhere you find that everywhere you go. Stay prayful and focused on what God wants you to do.