Forgive me

07/31/2014 01:07

I have no excuse why I have not been writing, but I ask that you please forgive me.  I do request your prayers I lost my grandmother in January and my husband lost his father in April both will be missed but sure wont be forgotten. To all the A.K.A's out there I saulte you all Pink and Green have always been a couple of my favorite colors and also to the PHI Delta Kappa's I saulte you as well both were my grandmother's sororities. 

With that being said I must say we did stop on Proverbs 14 and we will go back to it once I get things kinda off my chest here. Before I get started here I must say I spent time feeling like the outsider and was pretty much the outsider in a an acult battle and although they call themselves believers of God but what I wittnessed was far from it. I have asked myself how can anyone stray away from what God, but think that they are on the same path still. Hey question how far off the path do you have to be to not be still on the straight and narrow? Okay let me just ask this if you are following a hiking path and you start texting while walking and let's just say you look around after texting your friend for 5 minutes, and you are now lost. At what point did you loose your way? Some people are just like that they are easly distracted by the shiinny things in life or most apealing. Let me talk to you about appearences things are not always what they appear to be, but we can sure be taken in by the very things that appeal to our nature or just to eyes. What the eyes see our minds try to comprehend it and our heart follows. 

Let's examine the 5 senses that we have: Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Touch. Did you know it takes a great God to bless us with the sences that we have, and there are some people who do not have all 5; but yet what they lack God enhances on others. Glory be to God!