God Knows My Heart

10/14/2013 17:23

I must say God knows more about you then just your heart. Just open your word and start to read.

He know how many hairs are on your head.

He knows how many cells are in your body.

He knows all about your body make and type.

He knows all about your attitude and your health.

He knows about every pain you have.

He knows what will upset you to what will make you happy.

He knows what makes you you.

But what do you know about the Father besides he loves you and forgives you of your sins?

People are always saying God knows my heart. Well it is obvious that you do not know your own heart. Well my friend the preacher who wrote the book of Ecclesiates chapters 9 through 12 has a lot to say about this very thing. Don't take my word for it read for yourself and yes there are more vereses on the heart.