Why Not Me Why me?

08/30/2011 04:15

Why Not Me


Why me? This is the thousand and one question of the century. The answer is why not you?
What is meant by that statement is things happen to you for a reason. Every day everyone should strive to learn something new, because it is a way of life. Some people try to escape from ever learning form mistakes or other life lessons. Failure to learn means there is no room to grow or blossom into a more intelligent person. Wisdom has to be learned it is not a specialized field. Nor is it an age factor thing, where the oldest person is said to wise. Wisdom comes from experience (life experience) now don’t get things all twisted and say I am a wise person because look at all I have gone through, because someone else’s story (life story) can be more extreme than yours. Never think that you are all alone in your life experiences because everyone has gone through something, but the question is did they learn from their experience or not.
Do not stand in judgment of other people, turn around is fair play. When you begin to judge others it just shows your ignorance and how puffed up and stiff necked you are. It is easy to pass judgment then it is give advice where it is needed. Be so careful not to add sorrow to someone else for your own joy and happiness. Yes there are people out there who cannot stand to see anyone happy besides themselves. Love keeps from you judging, hurting, slamming with words, and destroying others. Love is returned only when you give it away freely. I am not going to sit here and tell you that people or things won’t hurt you, but keep on loving. To love someone to death means you do not really love them at all, but to simply just say that you just love them is all that is needed. I can tell you I live by what I teach and preach. There are a lot of negative things out there about me, but look I still rose above the negative. There’s a lot of love in me to recognize when someone is there to harm me with their words and whatever they can throw at me. God is bigger than anyone I know and do not know. God will show you and teach you his way if you allow him into your life.
My life story summed up: I was a liar, difficult to get along with, trusted no one, cared for only trust worthy people, cold and short tempered. I fought for the wrong reasons, and I am in my second marriage with seven children. My husband taught me a lot about it is ok to be who you are and to trust people you feel you can trust. It was hard to open up my heart to love others. I gave the excuse I am this way due to the hurt I suffered for so long, easy cope out. Although I had to change and become what God wanted me to become, it was still easier for me to be disobedient. In order for me to stay where I was to be obedient to God is to get all that God has in store for you. Neither my husband nor I was brought up in holiness, but we encouraged each other and we have grown in God together through: studying, praying, and talking to other saints.
I had asked this question often in my unsaved and saved life and God gave me the answer to my Babylon life style. The answer is why not you then who are better qualified to get the type of certification that God have in store for you to learn? This took me a long while to figure out He has given all of us the chance to learn and to grow in Him. I had to learn how to be a mother and a wife, but in Christ only. I had people try to give me advice on how to be a mother to my children to how to be a wife to my husband. Sounds good huh well; really it is bad. Nobody can tell you how to be a mother to your children. You are the only mother your children know so why try to be someone else’s parent to your children? How long do you plan on being married to your husband? No one can tell you how to be married to your spouse, but God is the only one who can tell you how to be married to your spouse. So with that in mind can someone tell you how to be you? I hope the answer for you is NO. If you answered no then I would say you get it and this is what I am telling you follow Christ and you’ll go ahead. For those of you who yes, maybe, or not sure. Here is my question for you. Who do you think can be a better you and when can that person move in, but wait where will you go, and how can that person live your life and theirs at the same time? The answer is no one can live your life for you nor can they tell you how to be you or to be a better you. See your pastor for the guidance you seek, but the man of God can aide you in becoming a better you through Christ. May God richly bless your life.
Written by: M.C.R, aka:  Binky Shell R